Affordable Cashmere Scarves Make Unique Corporate and Individual Gifts

Men and women love soft warm cashmere scarves for three seasons for fall, winter and spring. Today the trend is towards cashmere scarves for corporate gifts, golf club events and as wedding favors. Of course individuals buy cashmere scarf gifts for any special occasion or event like Birthdays and it is a gift that the recipient will appreciate.

Cashmere Scarves

Men and women are eager to buy cashmere scarves in solid, plaids and other designs especially at a good sale price. This accessory is unisex, luxurious and an essential in cold weather. Men are very practical and wear cashmere scarves for a cold winter day for the soft protection they give mainly. Women wear it for protection and the fashionable look it gives their outfits.

They always want to be fashionably in style for that season. Men and women commuting to work in big cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco,  Detroit, Los Angeles, Austin, Charlotte, Baltimore, Denver, DC realize the practical and imminent need of warm scarves to ward off the winter chill.

Cashmere scarves generally are available in many soft colors and smart dark solid colors so there is a great range of colors to choose from. Plaid winter scarves are also popular and cashmere scarfs are the preferred choice as the yarn is soft, divine and the warmth is perfect. Buy a cashmere scarf gift for men and women for the Holiday season or any special occasion as it makes an exceptional gift idea. Today the trend is towards cashmere scarves for corporate gifts, golf club events and as wedding favors. This trend was set in the last decade and on the increase.

Everyone loves the softness and beauty of cashmere scarves especially the seasonal solid colors and shades to add a stylish accent to their wardrobe. Cashmere is very fine wool and very much in demand. It is noteworthy that there are varieties of qualities, ply and textures so it is good to keep that in mind along with the budget you want to stay under when shopping for warm scarves online. It is important to realize that cashmere pashmina is very fine warm wool from Himalayan mountain goat and mountain goats of Inner Mongolia are the largest producer/exporter of cashmere yarn today. Nepal and India have fine cashmere manufacturing industries and some of the scarves are handmade others machine made to cope with ever increasing demand worldwide.

You can purchase a standard size cashmere scarf at 12” x 64” with 3” fringe or a larger size at 15” x 72” with 3 “ fringe. There are also oversized scarves available for the big and tall folks so there is something for everyone when you shop certain cashmere scarf sites online.  Many warm scarves have only a half inch eyelash fringe and some winter scarves are fringeless. Scarves are great for casual and career wear as well as evening wear – most are unisex and the classic color ivory white, beige, burgundy, black, grey, silver, navy, pewter, purple, green and royal blue cashmere scarves are among the fastest sellers.

Warm winter scarves are ideal for travel – women wear cashmere scarves in different styles and depending on their height, the degree of protection they want and the occasion. Shop the cashmere scarf sale online today and save 50% to 70% and get a free gift at enjoy prompt answers to all your inquiries and phone orders are welcome too at 860-355-4184. Known for its huge range of winter scarves at deep discounts online stores such as this are customer favorites. Shopping online for seasonal scarves is a breeze if you know what you want and it’s a great idea to bookmark a site you like. No more checkout lines at malls during the Holiday season as you can shop online on your mobile device or computer any time.

Necessary Items That Can Be Worn With Indian Tunic Tops for Women

Indian tunic tops for women are so stylish that they can be worn in a variety of ways. You just need to know what dress should be worn with tunic tops so that your personality can become more highlighting. Though it is quite challenging to find out what styling should be perfectly paired with tunic tops but if you make a thorough market survey, then it will be easier for you to know about the same.

Indian tunic tops for women

What to wear with India tunic tops?

Well, it is quite confusing to choose the right outfit that can be worn with Indian tunic tops for women as there are so many options available in the market. Solid-colored tights can be chosen as that can make a spicy combination. Mid-thigh reaching tights are usually suggested so that the tunics can be well suited and carried out in a stylish manner. Moreover, you can also check out the latest trends in this regard. Leggings suit more than pants and this is why you must choose it. Leggings can be worn with Indian tunics as that will definitely give you a traditional look.

The leggings are not only comfortable but also very much stylish and can cater enough breathing chances. Sufficient coverage is provided by the leggings and thus they are the sole choices of all Indian women. Heavy leggings are mainly worn in winter times so that cold waves can be easily prevented. Various designs, colors and patterns are now offered by the leggings manufacturers so that the purchasers can choose wisely as per their requirements and preferences. Jeggings have recently come up with a new concept and these outfits are really very comfortable.

Jeggings are mainly made up of those jeans materials that can be easily stretched and thus your things can be easily adjusted without any inconveniences and discomfort. If you are bulky even then you can wear as they can be stretched to desirable limit. They are far better in quality than that of knit leggings and you will definitely get a Denim-look by wearing the same. You can also wear normal jeans as they smartly combine with Indian tunics. Shorts are often chosen by young girls so that their personalities can be flaunted properly. Different kinds of interesting accessories can be carried with Indian tunic tops for women like shoes, handbags, belts, sunglasses and other related accessories.

Author’s Bio: The author has revealed all the necessary items that can be worn along with Indian tunic tops for women.

The Style and Comfort of Summer Tunics

Tunics are what women love as they provide so much style and comfort both factors women want for their summer tunics. Some women wear cotton tunics year round as cotton is a fabric that is great for all skin types, easy to machine wash and quality cotton tunics are wrinkle resistant too. Ease of care is an advantage.

Indian tunics sold in the USA is what women in all sizes, petite to plus sizes love especially in soft cotton. I have dreams of beautiful designer tunic tops for spring /summer, loose in fit, flowing in style and so versatile that I can even wear them as beach tunics and swim cover ups.

summer cotton tunics

I love to wear Indian tunics kurtis with leggings, trousers or jeans and these  have taken the attention of fashion designer worldwide. So there is something very special about them. The Indian Film industry called Bollywood has enticed women into wearing this fashionable tunic tops. I see anchors & commentators on TV sport amazing embellished tunics, celebrities cannot live without them and women in all walks of life love tunic tops. They can be worn short, hip covering, knee length whatever style you prefer. They give you an attractive and chic look for spring and summer in chic cotton beauty.

I particularly love casual summer cotton tops, designer long tunics with leggings, or even as a beach tunic swim cover up. We women strive to make fashion statements on a daily basis. Looking good makes us feel good and confident. We show off our personality in what we wear and the styles we choose. Today’s women love the unique style and comfort of the Indian tunic top. It is so ideal for corporate wear as it has a classy look.

Tunics can be casual summer tunics or embellished evening formal tunics. Stock up on some of each type so your wardrobe is spring and summer ready always. Add on a pair of black and white leggings because they match all types of tunics and complete your look.

Designer Indian tunics are available in a wide range of styles, cut and fabric patterns. They vary in length and you can get a long sleeved tunic or a short sleeves tunic. Some like strappy tunics so it’s all about your choice and sense of style. Buy tunics on sale so you can buy many and look beautiful this spring and summer.

How to Take care of Wool Shawls at Home?

When you have plans to go strapless or backless in your prom dress or evening gown, then you might not think of the weather conditions. But, if you are thinking of going to an outdoor party that too on a cold or chilly weather, a warm shawl or a jacket would be suitable to cover you up and keep you safe from the freezing cold. This said, you might invest in the fancy but warm, wool shawls that are not bulky and yet very fashionable too.

Collage 5

These days, you have plenty of stores and even brands selling these shawls online and you can pick your choice from there. These are also available online and so you may make your choice from these online stores only. You might even go for getting them from specific stores that specialize in fine woolen shawls too. You might get wool shawls with shiny silk filaments or you might even get solid colored shawls for yourself. Whatever you buy, remember to get them only from reputed or branded stores.

How to take care of the shawls?


The fine and smooth Pashmina woolen shawls are slightly expensive; but if you just want to get your hands on something fashionable, irrespective of the price, then this is just suitable for your finer tastes in life. Talking about having fashionable shawls, you would have to keep in mind the fact that woolen shawls are made of fine wool and then colored with vegetable dyes. To wash these shawls, do not use hard detergents or even drop it in the washing machines. Just drop in a few drops of mild shampoo, soak it for a few minutes, and rinse them. Drying these shawls could be done by laying them on flat surface and patting them dry with tissue or even newspapers. Though it is time consuming, but this is a guaranteed way to give a long life for your wool shawls.

If you are not getting sunlight enough to dry it up faster, try using a cotton sheet or towel between the shawl and iron box and just press it in mild temperature. The shawl would get dried fast and even remain wrinkle-free for you!

Author bio: The author has been using wool shawls and even loves to style up in them during winter. Her way of taking care of the shawl has helped the shawls to stay in good shape for many years too.

Styles To Wear A Ruana Wrap

One of the most stylish and comfortable of all women’s accessories are Ruana wraps. They are like large wraps that are long in the front, back and have good side coverage too. They fall loosely over the shoulders with a mock V at the neckline so they stay in place which is one feature women especially love about this wrap. Some of them are fringed other are not it is all a matter of preference though both types look amazing for casual wear and evening wear.

Ruana Wrap

These stylish long cape wraps ensure women a sleeker taller look which women love. They have universal appeal with the petite, tall and curvy women who all seem to agree on what a stylish statement this type of wrap makes. In addition to style women love comfort and this ensures both the benefits.

Classic Style:  This style of wearing a Ruana Wrap is super easy and it involves draping it over the shoulders and the V of the neckline holds it in place so it does not slide off like a shawl. The front 2 ends hang long and loose as do the back and sides. This way you get the most coverage. This style is perfect for spring and fall so the split in the middle allows a little of the outfit underneath to be seen. This way you are protected but for nice cool weather. If you wish you can put middle split together with a broach for a dressier evening look.

Added  Warmth Style: In this style you wear the Ruana just as mentioned above then take the right side and drape it over the left shoulder. Adjust it as close to neck as you want as this style ensures added cozy warmth.  Another advantage of this style is that the ruana acts like a wide long wrap and has the added benefit of a scarf look too. Great for colder weather this is a great style for late evening, nights and cold winter weather depending on where you are.

They are great for year round wear so buy a yarn that suits the season. Wool Ruana are by far the most popular with women for fall, winter and spring time. Great for travel, during a flight this wide wrap acts as the perfect travel blanket. Lounge in it on a cold winter day at home, wear it to a casual gathering with jeans or over an evening dress and look elegant and beautiful.  In summer wear a chiffon Ruana over a sleevesless or strappy dress and look amazing.

Popular colors for this long wrap are black, beige, purple, navy, ivory, red, mustard navy and grey. These colors seem to complete your wardrobe for all seasons. The summer Ruanas in chiffon sheer elegance in pastel prints with their flowing beauty are very stylish and attractive. The woven warm ones have a soft warm feel, an attractive weave, some are plain others are striped and still others have paisley borders for designer beauty. Most are reversible so enjoy a warm spring wool Ruana wrap today. Shopping online will ensure you a good deal and most sites deliver fast and give great service to have long term customers. It is true that once you try it nothing else will do!

Tips to Take Care of Cashmere Shawls

Cashmere Shawls are made of soft cashmere woolen materials. These shawls are available in different shades and colors blended with different other materials. Undoubtedly, buying cashmere scarves is the most essential thing for a woman as she can wear it in different ways. Comes in one size fits all, these shawls are the perfect accessory that you should have in your wardrobe. However, if you think that you are done after buying the cashmere shawls, then you are wrong because the real responsibility comes after buying these shawls.

Do you know how to keep your cashmere shawls clean and long-lasting? Bear in mind that these embroidered and classic shawls are not cleaned following the generic cleaning process. Rather you need to understand some basic points to take care of your shawls and wraps made of cashmere.

  • Whenever you wash them, try to hand wash with cold water with soapflake or mild detergent.

  • You should avoid using softener, bleach or any detergent that contain bleach material. Soak the shawls in lukewarm water for a few minutes.

  • Then you need to rinse the scarf in lukewarm water.

  • Thereafter, you need to use a towel to roll the shawls up to soak excess water.

  • One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they hang the scarf to dry. Do not ever hang the scarves or shawl to dry rather lay the cashmere shawls on the towel to dry. Moreover, keep the shawls away from direct sunlight or heat.


  • You should always make sure that you clean the shawls and scarves thoroughly before storing them.

  • Do not ever wash the shawls in washing machine.

  • Avoid to wring, rub or twist the shawls to remove the excess water.

Following these points will help you to ensure the longevity of the premium cashmere shawls. Be the trendsetter by wearing these shawls in a manner you feel comfortable with it. There are different ways of wearing these shawls whether you add it as a decorative accessory with your attire or simply cover your shoulder. Regardless of any season, you can wear these scarves and shawls.

Silk Evening Shawls Chiffon Silk Wraps Fashion

Silk Evening shawls are much preferred by women for year round wear as they look the best with their evening dresses. Chiffon silk shawls look beautiful over the flowing beauty of chiffon dresses and gowns. A classic fashion statement from years that is here to stay!  They add elegance and dressy beauty to the evening outfit so women love them! The sheer chiffon shawls and wraps have that definite appeal for evening wear and is a shawl of choice by women of all age groups.

           chiffon wedding shawlwomens_accessories_and_tops_671-1_1

Silk shawls Chiffon shawls and wraps come with fringe or without fringe. The sizes vary from small scarf size to an extra large wrap size for full coverage:

  • They come in a scarf wrap size of 18” x 60” and many petite women love   this look to just cover a part of their shoulders and arms.
  • The next size is a 21” x 60” which is slightly wider for those looking to       have more arm coverage. Yes for some women the extra 3” at width is       necessary and appealing.
  • Finally the larger chiffon wraps are 28” x 72” and the extra large are 30” x 80” and can be used as a ruana cape wrap for all around coverage.                                                                                                                                                                            Chiffon shawls are beautiful in many colors for spring summer wear especially. The classic white chiffon wedding shawl makes a beautiful wedding shawl so the bride can look radiant and gorgeous. They can have silvery sparkles and add elegance to the bridal gown. Pastel chiffon colors look beautiful for bridesmaids shawls to match the wedding colors and theme. They are great for beach weddings with their sheer airy style.

Handcrafted shawls for spring summer weddings and chiffon evening shawls with vines and motifs with seasonal styling are so attractive and unique. Gift one today to that beautiful woman in your life to make her feel special.