Wool Scarves – Where Utility Meets Brilliance

If you are someone wants great warmth comfort and high style our wool scarves are just the ones for you! The exquisite weave on the scarves retain the imprint of a craft practiced and perfected over generations. Though scarves have always been a top priority in winter fashion, why not experiment a little with your classic style this time by incorporating wool in your wardrobe?

Thick yet comfy is in!

The wool scarves can be as light as the pashmina and cashmere scarves while the thick weave obstinately refuses the cold winds and the occasional bouts of harsh sun from penetrating your garments. These scarves are the crème de la creme of winter clothing, the mere sight immediately transporting you into a realm where comfort and high style fashion reign supreme. The fashion designers and stylists are gradually realizing the vogue quotient that the traditional solid wool scarves would bring on the runway and on the road. Wool scarves thick and plush in 4 ply are in!

Say yes to an era of style

If you allow them, our variety of wool scarves can give you the basic lessons on how to choose your outfit and style it according to your skin tone. Since the scarves claim sole responsibility in creating your winter fashion statement you should always put some thought into how you want to blend in.

  • Don’t be impulsive That great scarf you saw on an acquaintance or in a fashion magazine can be grossly mismatched if you don’t have the right personality or skin tone to carry it off.

  • Use natural light – When you receive your scarf order, try to see yourself in the natural sunlight and watch as your eyes sparkle and skin glows.

  • Scarf and skin tones – If you’re someone with pristine white skin, go for neutral shades like wine red, royal blue, navy, lilac lavender, beige, black or even olive green. On the other hand, if you are an exotic beauty with darker skin tone, vibrant shades of burnt oranges, camel, purple, hot pink, yellow and brown are the ones for you.


Cashmere Scarves – Add A Little Luxury to a Necessity

Cashmere scarves are your key winter accessory; brightening up your winter style and allowing you to stay warm this cold season. These upscale scarves are ideal for adding insulation. You can select from autumnal prints, dark winter colors, luxe cashmere, faux fur snoods and chunky knits. It is one of the most important tools of the fashion world because of its versatility to be perfect and suitable with just any outfit that you could think of. Not only that, these have timeless appeal that everyone appreciates since you don’t have to spend much when it comes to stocking up on scarves.

Cashmere Edition – All the extras

Explore the world of cashmere and have a look beyond scarves. This is the softest and finest scarf that you can have. Lightweight and soft, this yarn can be worn with a top and jeans, or with your favorite tunic and leggings. They compliment an evening dress with elegance and class. With Cashmere scarves, you can show up on the latest trends. It is closely knitted and is better than those which are blended with wool and loosely knit. The most functional sort of cashmere is the two ply and four ply selection simply because it provides extra convenience. We have the ability to blend beautiful colors in along with intricate patterns and designs to create a piece of art for the wearer.

On-Point Accessorizing

Do you love to accessorize, irrespective of any weather? Kick it up with flawless Cashmere scarves. We have a variety of these in different colors. You can go from plain basic ones to those which go with office-wear or for more even appropriate moments. The extreme stylish women lean towards wearing vibrant and bright colors like hot pink, yellow, royal blue or even bright green. If you are feeling a little more daring and adventurous, you can go for plaid scarves or animal prints including leopard print or zebra stripes. Whatever you may select for wearing, you can be assured of looking fabulous every time you adorn yourself with one of these from us.

Enjoy the allure of cashmere no matter what the season is and discover the perfect fashion accessory here.

Advantages of Silk Shawls and Wraps

Silk shawls and Wraps are what women dream of and they are a major part of a woman’s wardrobe. There are many advantages of silk that make it so treasured for clothing and accessories amongst its other uses. Silk glides over your skin, is not itchy even on the most super sensitive skin, has the most divine feel and shine and women love that for their evening dresses and shawls. Men too tend to gravitate to buying silk clothing and accessories for themselves for year round wear and often buy silk accessories as gifts for women as it is sure to be appreciated.

Silk shawls manufactured today come mainly from China and India.  Silk shawls are manufactured  from the mulberry silk moth. Pure natural silk comes from the silkworm cocoon through a process called Sericulture.  Silk used to be a highly coveted luxury fiber mainly reserved for the emperors of China. Later its use spread geographically and socially and now silk has a thriving worldwide demand and continuing supply from China, India, Korea and Thailand. Women love silk for their clothing and accessories. It is still treated as a luxury fabric as it has many inherent good properties.

Advantages of Silk Shawls and Wraps:

  • Silk is very breathable keeps you cool on hot days hence silk shawls and wraps are popular in summer.
  • It has moisture wicking properties keeping you dry and comfy in any weather
  • It is hypoallergenic and will not irritate sensitive skin
  • Lightweight soft with a great drape for scarves shawls and wraps
  • Silk has a natural luster so perfect for dressy evening shawls with a good sheen
  • Static free, cling free and crease free
  • Naturally elastic and can stretch 20% without tearing
  • Repels mold and mildew great for clothing/accessories storage
  • Regulates body temperature and preserves body heat in cold too hence great for year round wear.


Women want shawls that add style to their seasonal wardrobes and this is question that lurks in their minds – does a Pashmina Shawl add style to my wardrobe? Many women have concluded that a Pashmina solid / paisley makes a high style statement for casual and evening wear as sales of these fine shawls has increased tenfold in the last few decades. They gift Pashminas as this shawl adds glamor and class to the gift. The pashmina brand name is a widely recognized brand and women all want a couple Pashminas to enhance their wardrobe.


No matter the season Pashmina shawls in seasonal colors are so beautiful to wear as a scarf or an elegant evening wrap over your formal dresses.Solid shawls add a touch of class and soft protection. You can match a shawl to the outfit in same color tone – fashion designers recommend going a tone darker or lighter for an added stylish beauty. 2 tone pashmina shawls called ombre or gradient shawls are a classy way to match a hard to match dress color. Contrasting colors often look beautiful for those who want a distinctive look. Oftentimes wearing a shawl to match the accessories like the shoes/jewelry looks beautiful and pulls the ensemble together well. If you have a dressy elaborate dress a solid shawl is the best way to go.

For added warmth choose a pashmina wool shawl in a solid seasonal color that matches your dress and enhances your wardrobe. Popular colors for the cold seasons are silver grey black dark brown navy burgundy red dark purple royal blue and beige camel. Once you have these colors your wardrobe is set for the cold fall winter and spring season.

For a sheen and evening dressy appeal choose a silk pashmina shawl for late spring and summer in pastels of blue, pink, lavender lilac, yellow, coral, aqua, ivory, white & cream to look beautiful in that light silken elegance.


Paisley shawls have that designer appeal as they come from India Land of Paisley Shawls. The paisley originated in India and the designs can be unitone, two tone like a navy & blue tone paisley design which is great to wear over that hard to match navy dress. Buy a colorful paisley warm winter wool shawl which is reversible in its woven splendor for a unique designer look over a simple evening dress or a smart coat/jacket for the fall winter and spring seasons. The paisley wool shawls from India come in different types of wool and the colors are dark and vibrant usually reversing in a different color. Advantage is it feels like you have 2 distinct shawls as they reverse so differently.

The lighter silk pashmina paisley shawls are beautiful to give a stylish appeal for daily wear, travel, office wear and to parties / special occasions like weddings. These light pashmina & silk shawls are silken with a slight sheen and make the best gifts for women who love shawls and scarves. These are worn year round as affordable evening wraps and also as chic casual paisley scarves over your coat/jacket as the fine feel around the neck and soft protection is very alluring to women. If you have a simple dress wear a paisley shawl to uplift it. Two tone paisleys in a lighter and darker shade of the same color are very popular as are multi colored paisleys for women who really like to stand out in the crowd. The unitone paisley shawls are classy and must have for all wardrobe types and make great gifts for their universal appeal to women of all age groups.



4 PLY THICK WINTER SHAWL WRAP is a must have for winter due to its large size, soft 4 ply thick warmth in cashmere /wool /blend depending on your budget. Online stores have a wide selection of solid colored winter warm shawls wool wraps capes and ponchos so you have a wide choice and can stay within your budget easily. Shopping for winter shawl gifts online for the Holidays, special occasions, weddings saves you a lot as the sales are big and the selection unique and attractive to keep customers coming back for more. Women love the winter shawls clearance sales that have an added bonus discount to move overstocks.

warm evening shawls 021winter shawls wrapsivory white bridal wrap

WARM RUANA CAPE WRAP with wide coverage for those seeking a stylish sleep well covered look in winter. One size fits all approx. 54″ x 45″ the ruana wrap is a woman’s travel companion and a beautiful unique gift idea.

PONCHO SHRUG BOLERO is usually a smaller cover up and gives fair warmth and an makes a big style statement. Ponchos look great casual over jeans and shrugs and boleros are ideal over an evening dress.

FAUX FUR CAPE WRAP is a woman’s elegant evening companion as nothing looks more classy than a beautiful faux fur cape wrap [1] over an evening dressy dress/gown. It embodies elegance, class and soft protection.

DESIGNER WOOL PAISLEY SHAWLS have the thicker ply coupled with reversible designer weaves in different colors ensuring you get a shawl that is an amazing buy as it looks like two distinct shawls as the reverse is so unique from the main side. That is the beauty of Indian wool paisley shawls and wraps as they are artisan quality woven masterpieces. The paisley design may also have artsy flowery beauty. These winter season shawls have winter dark vibrant colors and a beige reverse with a mix and match of rich colorful beauty. These warm designer India shawls make unique gifts for women and you have the convenience of having them ship from CT USA.

Buy winter wool shawls that are unique within your budget whether big or small. The choice of yarns the ply or layers of yarn woven to make the shawl, the seasonal colors, designs, handcrafting/embroidery/ beadwork, crystal work on shawls all go hand in hand to determine the price. Online there are stores that keep their competitive edge by keeping their expenses low whereas department stores & mall stores spend a lot on overheads and recover that by adding to the price of the product. What you get for $100 in a store could be $40.00 online so savings can be substantial.

Women love shopping from their home or office and buying beautiful shawls on sale is their goal. Online shopping makes shopping fun and easy if you do it with the right search terms. Search the internet with descriptive keywords like – black cashmere 4 ply shawl or silver evening shawls and wraps on sale, grey silk pashmina shawl or affordable cashmere scarves for men… The search engines like Google and Bing will bring you good but many results that you can peruse and then bookmark sites that give you the advantage of a huge variety, varying price points, sale pricing, unique shawls and wraps and phone order ability. It is good to look for a shawls online site that answers emails and calls and assists you with a phone order if needed. Check out the unique winter shawls and wraps [2] at YE a brand name in elegant unique winter shawls and wraps.