There Are Many Places And Ways To Wear Indian Tunics Cotton Kurtis

An Indian Tunic popularly called Kurti means a loose top with or without sleeves that can be short, hip covering or even long worn with a touch of embroidery for casual wear and beading for an evening tunic is usually worn with leggings.

The Kurti originated in India and has become a worldwide name in Women’s fashion as “the Tunic” to have! Why is that? Fashion designers, Bollywood movies keep emphasizing the Indian tunic kurti as the most stylish comfortable attire a woman can wear for a flattering look. If you have tried one for casual or evening wear you will agree they are beautiful for their loose cut & designer style.

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The Indian tunics for women have taken over fashion as women are always on the move and the comfort and style quotient of the Indian kurti for women is high which is why women love it. Nowadays fashion is not about looking good at the cost of being uncomfortable. Women’s Fashion has become more demanding. It is about looking good and being comfortable. Hence the Indian Tunic which reigns supreme on both these factors has literally taken over women’s fashion in the last 2 decades and seems to be a continuing trend.

There are many places and ways you can wear the Indian Tunics / Cotton Kurtis:

At home, at the office with trousers or leggings, for a casual street look, as a beach tunic & of course as a beautiful evening tunic top. Most of all whilst traveling the tunics are top on the list of must have travel attire due to the high comfort level they give. The cut of an Indian kurti is loose, flowy, long and assures ultimate comfort and flexibility. Great for a woman on the go!

Buy affordable cotton tunics and expand your wardrobe for an attire you will wear a lot and get compliments on. Tunics can be worn with shorts, jeans, trousers, skirts and over your bikini. Wear a tunic in many ways depending on the look you want and the occasion it is for. Wear some bling, high heels, shiny leggings and the tunic will look dressy and great for an evening party. Pair it with a pashmina scarf wrap and keep the chill away in the evenings.

Cotton tunics are so trendy in spring and as summer tunics of choice. Cotton tunics from India sold online in the USA are the best as the quality cotton is soft, airy, and available in many colors and shades for all the seasons. Competition with online tunic sites keeps quality and service at online sites high. Today cotton is the fabric of choice for all seasons. Cotton catches the dye very well so you can have amazing vibrant seasonal colored tunic tops and enhance your wardrobe.

Evening tunics are so popular especially with women seeking a sleeker look. The Indian tunics are designed to cover trouble areas and enhance the areas you wish to show off. The cut, designing, artsy handwork all work towards getting a woman to look beautiful, feel confident and stylish. Designers put a lot of thought into styling the tunic, the fabric, coloring, pattern, the placement of embroidery and most of all the length and flow to give an alluring appeal to woman of all sizes XS to 4X. Try a tunic today and prepare to be amazed.


Wedding Shawl – Key Accessory to Give an Elegant Look to Your Wedding Day

Wedding is one of the most special days in the life of an individual. Women are particularly very choosy about their wedding dress and wedding shawl and when it comes to something as special as a wedding, women do go into princess mode and want their bridal party and the wedding in general be the very best that everyone will remember. There are many things that contribute to a perfect outfit for a wedding.

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Wedding Shawl is one such key accessory that can add a magic to your whole appearance and provide an elegant look. In the olden days, it was a beautiful piece of cloth draped over the shoulder of the bride. A wedding shawl can give a unique look to the dress and keep you warm and protected in the cold fall and winter seasons. It is crucial to choose an appropriate shawl for your wedding ceremony that can match with your style and dress while giving you adequate warmth and protection too.

Shawls for wedding are generally included for extra comfort and flexibility without compromising on the beautiful look of your dress. Many factors need to be looked after in choosing a shawl as there is a large variety of shawls available in the online market. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of the product that is directly related to the fabric of the shawl.

Wedding shawl top option is natural fibers like Pashmina / Cashmere that is better than the synthetic fabrics. Size must not be overlooked. A perfect size ensures that your body is covered nicely. A bigger size can be uncomfortable to handle whereas a small size might not cover certain areas. Price of the wedding shawls can vary according to the fabric and the pattern of the shawls. Mostly, these shawls are pricier when they have unique handcrafted work or are fully embroidered shawls. You will have to pay a fair amount to get a unique wedding shawl which is a worthwhile investment that you will get use out of for other evening occasions.

There are more factors like color, style, décor & handwork etc. that cannot be ignored in a shawl for wedding purposes. Most of the wedding dresses come in beautiful ivory white color. Therefore, it is best to choose a matching color for the shawls close to the white that goes with your wedding dress. Contrasting colors are an option if they match the wedding color theme and bridesmaids dresses. The choice is a personal one!

Silver Evening Wrap Shawl A Beautiful Match With An Evening Dress

Tis true that a silver evening shawl is a good match with almost any evening dress. It is also true that your wardrobe is incomplete without silver shawls and wraps for any season.

 Whether you are a teen needing a prom shawl or an older woman looking for warm cashmere wraps a silver shawl wrap is your one must have addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

 silver evening shawl for evening dresses

Advantages of having a beautiful silver evening wrap:

  • 90% of your wardrobe tends to match with the silver shawl – inherent advantage of silver wrap shawl is that these days most accessories like shoes, evening bag, & jewelry have silver tones in it so no matter the dress color a silver wrap will match the accessories and be a focal point in the evening outfit.

  • Silver evening wraps suit women of all skin tones and hair types. It has a sheen and beauty that looks great for evening wear. Also a solid silver silk pashmina without sheen as well as a silver  paisley designer pashmina looks casual chic for casual day wear and to the office. The silver tone can be subdued or shiny depending on the occasion you are wearing it for. Women consider a silver pashmina a necessity not a luxury.

  • In spring silver chiffon silk, a glittering silver evening wrap adds immense appeal to your dress no matter the color. In fall and winter a silver grey cashmere pashmina wool shawl is warm and classy. Silver is a year round color it has eternal beauty and appeal. It is never out of style.

So stock up on silver shawls and wraps for yourself and gift one as it has universal appeal to all women. Men don’t go crazy trying to find the perfect color try a silver shawl gift for that lovely lady and watch her be so appreciative for a lovely gift.

Silver bridal shawls are popular as are silver silk pashmina shawls for bridesmaids the reason being it is always a good match, eye catching beautiful and likely to be used a lot after the event too. A win win situation!

Cashmere Wraps – Latest Additions to Winter Fashion Accessories for Women

Cashmere wrap products are one of the most desirable winter accessories among women all over the world. They are extremely stylish and are available in various styles and colors. These trendy items are preferred for their cozy warmth, soft feel against the skin and lightweight which makes them very comfortable on the body. Cashmere wraps are easily available in various online websites. They are the latest additions in designer styles and seasonal trendy colors in the winter fashion accessories of women across the globe.

Cashmere is a special type of wool, which is derived from Cashmere goats, and other similar breeds of goats at high altitudes. The word Cashmere has its name from Kashmir that was earlier known as Cashmere and since the wool is derived from the goats found in this region, it came to be known as Cashmere wool. This wool is vastly different from the traditional sheep wool as this wool is actually a hair. Thus, this kind of wool is very soft to touch, possess high strength, very light in weight and has very fine texture.

Experts have categorized products under Cashmere wraps which must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The wool must be derived from the Cashmere goat and must be very fine.

  • The fiber of the wool must be of excellent quality and should not have a diameter of more than 19 microns

  • The percentage of the fiber with diameter of more than 30 microns should not be more than 4% of all the fibers

  • The fiber should be fairly uniform and the variation in diameter around the mean should not be more than 24%

Cashmere wool is obtained from the region around the neck of the Cashmere goat and other similar Himalayan mountain goats. The hairs obtained are mixture of thick straight protective hairs and soft fine under hairs. The fine hairs are separated from the coarse one and are then used for producing excellent quality products. There are grades of cashmere wool the workmanship and decorative embroidered handiwork involved is a factor so the pricing differs too. China has taken the lead in producing Cashmere wraps and has become the top producer with a production of around 10,000 metric tons every year. Afghanistan, Mongolia, Turkey are some of the other major contributors of cashmere wool in the world. Traditionally, cashmere wool belongs to the Nepal, Kashmir and Mongolia.

What Is A Good Sale Price For A Cashmere Pashmina Shawl

Often women shop online not knowing what the price expectation should be for a cashmere pashmina shawl and so they pay exorbitant amounts as many stores charge a whopper to over their overheads or just because they have a price for their brand name store.  Many consumers are not brand conscious but just want a soft warm designer cashmere pashmina on sale with beautiful designs, weaves with artisan quality work and protection for the cool to cold seasons.

Many cashmere pashmina shawls are light 2 ply and range in the $40 range on clearance sale they could be lower which makes them a sweet deal. The reversible thicker ply designer shawls are about $65.00 and that is reasonable for the beautiful designer craftsmanship and weaves in many colorful designs. Uniqueness & affordable pricing is what women want when they buy a cashmere pashmina shawl on sale.

The seasonal colors affordable pashmina shawls are the ones that are declared by Pantone as the en vogue colors for the current or coming season. Women buy classic colors like black grey navy red beige and white as they match the entire wardrobe and come in handy on multiple occasions. However, the women who are very fashion conscious do check seasonal colors trends for scarves and then stock up. Most online shawl sites will carry basic colors but if you find a site with a wide variety of shawls you are sure to find the latest trend colors and designs.

If you want to buy a shawl on sale it is important to search that way with right keywords on any search engine so you can find a site with a good sale on the shawls and not land up with one that has a high price that is never reduced. Online shawls do have competition shopping shawls with very low pricing under $10.00 will give you shawls that are not the best quality if you up your budget to the $15 -20 and up you will get a shawl with a great feel and design style. You get what you pay for so a mid – range is a better way to go.  It will last longer too.  Online shopping makes life easy and shopping for unique shawls for any season online is a treat. No lines, no crowds and no waiting just make your mind up and enjoy the online shopping experience.

Spring 2016 Color Trends for Scarves Shawls and Wraps

Spring colors for Scarves, Shawls and Wraps  that are trendy for 2016 according to designers at Yours Elegantly are beautiful antique pink, rose quartz,  coral, cornflower blue, medium blue, bright green, sage, lemon yellow, periwinkle, grey blue, silver,  lilac, aqua, mocha and cream. Yours Elegantly researches what shawls work best for the season in terms of the shawl style & colors and brings you a fine selection of shawls for daily wear and an elegant selection of dressy evening shawls and wraps to tickle your senses.

 Women love to accessorize and so this spring wear shawls and scarves in en vogue colors so you look your best in keeping with latest color trends. Scarf it up this spring with chiffon scarves as they are airy and their sheer beauty makes for a very chic look for casual day wear, to the office or for an evening formal party.  Buy silk evening shawls in beautiful silver,  gold, ivory, black to match most of your wardrobe and especially your accessories like your silver earrings, evening bags and shoes.

Silk shawls and wraps for spring are top on a woman’s list of accessories as silk has beauty and the fiber has many beautiful properties that make it a luxury item. Some silks are pure silk others are synthetic and a silk chiffon scarf wrap is amazing in terms of style and keeps you in budget too. Buy chiffon shawls with crystals, handcrafted silvery beauty and look unique for your spring wedding. Buy fringeless chiffon shawls on sale for wedding favors or silk pashmina as wedding favors  and for bridesmaid’s  shawls and have a wedding to remember.

Women’s dressy evening shawls bring to mind a beautiful lustrous silken shawl, a netted shiny shawl, a velvet shawl, a burnt silk wrap and last but not the least a beautiful embroidered silk pashmina  all of which are great choices for your evening shawl selection.

Silk shawls make a unique gift that any woman would cherish for her wedding,  bridesmaid shawls, anniversary, valentine’s day, employee appreciation gift… men are always relieved when they buy silk scarves shawls and wraps for the beautiful caring women in their life  – wife, mother, daughter, grandchild. So shop the beautiful silk evening shawls at YE and buy many unique pieces when you shop their silk shawls on sale. They are known for their friendly kind service and take phone orders too all through the week. Shop a different kind of unique shopping.

The Art Of Wearing A Lace Shawl / Netted Shawl With Your Evening Dress

How to wear lace shawls netted shawls and wraps

A lace shawl/ netted shawl wrap has a see through beauty and looks great over dresses in chiffon silk, lace, polyester, satin, pure silk….  To get that special effect of a see through lace net shawl remember to wear it in a way that the skin on the shoulders and arms can be seen through. That ensures an attractive look contrasting the dress with shawl and skin tones. Lace shawls, dressy metallic netted evening shawls  look great with evening dresses with a V neckline or deep round neckline and with fairly open back style.

Lace shawls can be draped right over the back of the neck falling over the shoulders in front and hanging loose with long fringed ends left free in the middle or tied together in the middle.  An evening off shoulder dress deserves a shiny net shawl in silvery /gold elegance to match the other accessories like the evening bag, shoes and jewelry. The light netting over the bare shoulders in an off shoulder style looks formal and classy.

For a prom wrap a netted style would look good draped over the arms only as chic & refreshing is the way to go for prom.  The more mature women love to wear the net shawls over the shoulders then take one longer end of the shawl and drape it over the opposite shoulder for a more dramatic effect. A shawl pin is not advisable with lace as it may not stay in place so tucking in, tying a bow or knot is a practical and trendier way to hold a lace shawl in place.

Try a dressy shiny net shawl and get that je ne sais quoi look to your evening dress – make head’s turn with an elegant lace evening shawl that will make you feel confident and stylish always.