Styles To Wear A Ruana Wrap

One of the most stylish and comfortable of all women’s accessories are Ruana wraps. They are like large wraps that are long in the front, back and have good side coverage too. They fall loosely over the shoulders with a mock V at the neckline so they stay in place which is one feature women especially love about this wrap. Some of them are fringed other are not it is all a matter of preference though both types look amazing for casual wear and evening wear.

Ruana Wrap

These stylish long cape wraps ensure women a sleeker taller look which women love. They have universal appeal with the petite, tall and curvy women who all seem to agree on what a stylish statement this type of wrap makes. In addition to style women love comfort and this ensures both the benefits.

Classic Style:  This style of wearing a Ruana Wrap is super easy and it involves draping it over the shoulders and the V of the neckline holds it in place so it does not slide off like a shawl. The front 2 ends hang long and loose as do the back and sides. This way you get the most coverage. This style is perfect for spring and fall so the split in the middle allows a little of the outfit underneath to be seen. This way you are protected but for nice cool weather. If you wish you can put middle split together with a broach for a dressier evening look.

Added  Warmth Style: In this style you wear the Ruana just as mentioned above then take the right side and drape it over the left shoulder. Adjust it as close to neck as you want as this style ensures added cozy warmth.  Another advantage of this style is that the ruana acts like a wide long wrap and has the added benefit of a scarf look too. Great for colder weather this is a great style for late evening, nights and cold winter weather depending on where you are.

They are great for year round wear so buy a yarn that suits the season. Wool Ruana are by far the most popular with women for fall, winter and spring time. Great for travel, during a flight this wide wrap acts as the perfect travel blanket. Lounge in it on a cold winter day at home, wear it to a casual gathering with jeans or over an evening dress and look elegant and beautiful.  In summer wear a chiffon Ruana over a sleevesless or strappy dress and look amazing.

Popular colors for this long wrap are black, beige, purple, navy, ivory, red, mustard navy and grey. These colors seem to complete your wardrobe for all seasons. The summer Ruanas in chiffon sheer elegance in pastel prints with their flowing beauty are very stylish and attractive. The woven warm ones have a soft warm feel, an attractive weave, some are plain others are striped and still others have paisley borders for designer beauty. Most are reversible so enjoy a warm spring wool Ruana wrap today. Shopping online will ensure you a good deal and most sites deliver fast and give great service to have long term customers. It is true that once you try it nothing else will do!


Author: Yours Elegantly

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