Silk Evening Shawls Chiffon Silk Wraps Fashion

Silk Evening shawls are much preferred by women for year round wear as they look the best with their evening dresses. Chiffon silk shawls look beautiful over the flowing beauty of chiffon dresses and gowns. A classic fashion statement from years that is here to stay!  They add elegance and dressy beauty to the evening outfit so women love them! The sheer chiffon shawls and wraps have that definite appeal for evening wear and is a shawl of choice by women of all age groups.

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Silk shawls Chiffon shawls and wraps come with fringe or without fringe. The sizes vary from small scarf size to an extra large wrap size for full coverage:

  • They come in a scarf wrap size of 18” x 60” and many petite women love   this look to just cover a part of their shoulders and arms.
  • The next size is a 21” x 60” which is slightly wider for those looking to       have more arm coverage. Yes for some women the extra 3” at width is       necessary and appealing.
  • Finally the larger chiffon wraps are 28” x 72” and the extra large are 30” x 80” and can be used as a ruana cape wrap for all around coverage.                                                                                                                                                                            Chiffon shawls are beautiful in many colors for spring summer wear especially. The classic white chiffon wedding shawl makes a beautiful wedding shawl so the bride can look radiant and gorgeous. They can have silvery sparkles and add elegance to the bridal gown. Pastel chiffon colors look beautiful for bridesmaids shawls to match the wedding colors and theme. They are great for beach weddings with their sheer airy style.

Handcrafted shawls for spring summer weddings and chiffon evening shawls with vines and motifs with seasonal styling are so attractive and unique. Gift one today to that beautiful woman in your life to make her feel special.