How to Take care of Wool Shawls at Home?

When you have plans to go strapless or backless in your prom dress or evening gown, then you might not think of the weather conditions. But, if you are thinking of going to an outdoor party that too on a cold or chilly weather, a warm shawl or a jacket would be suitable to cover you up and keep you safe from the freezing cold. This said, you might invest in the fancy but warm, wool shawls that are not bulky and yet very fashionable too.

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These days, you have plenty of stores and even brands selling these shawls online and you can pick your choice from there. These are also available online and so you may make your choice from these online stores only. You might even go for getting them from specific stores that specialize in fine woolen shawls too. You might get wool shawls with shiny silk filaments or you might even get solid colored shawls for yourself. Whatever you buy, remember to get them only from reputed or branded stores.

How to take care of the shawls?


The fine and smooth Pashmina woolen shawls are slightly expensive; but if you just want to get your hands on something fashionable, irrespective of the price, then this is just suitable for your finer tastes in life. Talking about having fashionable shawls, you would have to keep in mind the fact that woolen shawls are made of fine wool and then colored with vegetable dyes. To wash these shawls, do not use hard detergents or even drop it in the washing machines. Just drop in a few drops of mild shampoo, soak it for a few minutes, and rinse them. Drying these shawls could be done by laying them on flat surface and patting them dry with tissue or even newspapers. Though it is time consuming, but this is a guaranteed way to give a long life for your wool shawls.

If you are not getting sunlight enough to dry it up faster, try using a cotton sheet or towel between the shawl and iron box and just press it in mild temperature. The shawl would get dried fast and even remain wrinkle-free for you!

Author bio: The author has been using wool shawls and even loves to style up in them during winter. Her way of taking care of the shawl has helped the shawls to stay in good shape for many years too.


Author: Yours Elegantly

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