Tips to Take Care of Cashmere Shawls

Cashmere Shawls are made of soft cashmere woolen materials. These shawls are available in different shades and colors blended with different other materials. Undoubtedly, buying cashmere scarves is the most essential thing for a woman as she can wear it in different ways. Comes in one size fits all, these shawls are the perfect accessory that you should have in your wardrobe. However, if you think that you are done after buying the cashmere shawls, then you are wrong because the real responsibility comes after buying these shawls.

Do you know how to keep your cashmere shawls clean and long-lasting? Bear in mind that these embroidered and classic shawls are not cleaned following the generic cleaning process. Rather you need to understand some basic points to take care of your shawls and wraps made of cashmere.

  • Whenever you wash them, try to hand wash with cold water with soapflake or mild detergent.

  • You should avoid using softener, bleach or any detergent that contain bleach material. Soak the shawls in lukewarm water for a few minutes.

  • Then you need to rinse the scarf in lukewarm water.

  • Thereafter, you need to use a towel to roll the shawls up to soak excess water.

  • One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they hang the scarf to dry. Do not ever hang the scarves or shawl to dry rather lay the cashmere shawls on the towel to dry. Moreover, keep the shawls away from direct sunlight or heat.


  • You should always make sure that you clean the shawls and scarves thoroughly before storing them.

  • Do not ever wash the shawls in washing machine.

  • Avoid to wring, rub or twist the shawls to remove the excess water.

Following these points will help you to ensure the longevity of the premium cashmere shawls. Be the trendsetter by wearing these shawls in a manner you feel comfortable with it. There are different ways of wearing these shawls whether you add it as a decorative accessory with your attire or simply cover your shoulder. Regardless of any season, you can wear these scarves and shawls.


Author: Yours Elegantly

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