Women Love Long Sleeve Cotton Tunics for Summer Wear

A lot of women like to have their arms covered with long sleeve airy cotton tunics for spring and summer. Cotton is a lovely natural fiber that is cool and airy in its appeal on a warm day. Some women are so hooked to cotton tunic tops that they wear them year round. Understandably so as the comfort is tremendous and the casual flowy chic style of a cotton tunic top is appealing to women worldwide. Most importantly the cut of the Indian cotton tunic kurti is loose and slimming – that has an instant appeal to any woman!

No matter the age whether a young teen or a woman in her thirties to a more mature woman over 50 cotton tunics and tops are in high demand as there are so many factors that make them so popular. The Indian cotton tunics are superior due to quality of fine machine washable cotton. Most of the Indian cotton tunics popularly called Kurtis in India are made from best quality fine cotton that is preshrunk so you can buy a tunic top in your size that will fit after innumerable machine washes.

The long sleeves cotton tunics covers the arms and for some women that is important for comfort and style. The beautiful artistic hand embroidery is intriguing in its design and elegance. The embroidered flowery designs and unique paisleys are an Indian signature motif and so beautiful and classic in their universal appeal.

Best Selling Cotton Tunic Tops at Yours Elegantly

Ivory White Embroidered Cotton Tunic Top $34.99 Product #:5228

Available in many colors these cotton tunic kurtis are best sellers and customers have raving reviews for them. Versatile to be used as beach tunics too.


Customer Comment: Your cotton tunics are just beautiful, soft and well priced.
Thank you. Olga S. CA

Black Designer Cotton Tunic $29.99 Product #5279

These designer cotton tunics are good for day and evening wear as they are classy and elegant. Affordable at $29.99 these tunic tops for women are stylish and comfortable in many colors.


Customer Comment: I received the black cotton tunic top in 3 days am pleased with the cotton quality and the design is very pretty. Will be back soon.
Marla AL

Women’s Purple Cotton Tunic Top $24.99 Product #5249

These cool casual summer tunics have an immense comfort factor and are great for a hot summer day on vacation and look great over shorts, jeans and skirts.


Customer Comment: I just received my three tunics from your store and am delighted they fit well and look beautiful on me. I appreciate the bracelet I got in my order. Lovely surprise gift!

Teresa NY


Author: Yours Elegantly

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