Look Fashionable In Your Wedding Shawl In Any Season

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A wedding shawl is an important part of a bride’s wedding attire as it is the top outer layer that the guests will focus on besides the wedding dress. If you are planning to have a winter wedding, you as a bride and your bridesmaids would be worried about the wintry cold in the air. Choose a wedding shawl that is soft warm and plush – may be a Cashmere wedding shawl or a Pashmina wedding wrap are luxurious options. These are available on sale so finding a decent online shawls site with seasonal wedding shawls and great service is the key.

For a spring summer wedding brides still like to have a light wedding shawl and bridesmaids shawls just in case the weather is cool or breezy as it would be for a beach wedding for example. This is when you can consider going for a fancy light Silk Pashmina wedding shawl. You could try other light sheer options like chiffon silk shawls, net and lacy wraps that are quite popular choices.

Why and what to expect in shopping for Wedding Shawl

If you are shopping to buy a wedding shawl and you are the bride, then depending on your gown and other accessories you can choose a suitable ivory white / cream shawl to make the entire wedding attire more beautiful as brides want to look fabulous on their big day. If you have an all-white gown with white lace then go for a lace shawl or crochet wrap even a netted shawl is lovely. Not to forget chiffon silk shawls are ideal wedding shawls. For a simple elegant wedding dress you can wear a white inlaid paisley shawl and look gorgeous. If your dress is elaborate a solid color shawl is the best way to go for the wedding & bridesmaids shawls in keeping with wedding theme colors.

Likewise, if you have a white and gold combination or white and silver combination, try to go for similar matches on your wraps or cashmere shawls. These shawls are fancy, elegant and if you are going strapless or backless, these would cover you up too with slight protection for outdoor parties and the reception in the evening.

But if you shopping for shawls for bridesmaids go with wedding color theme colors do not be afraid to choose contrasting colors to the bridesmaid’s dresses as that will liven up the occasion with a colorful beauty. Mothers of the bride and groom as family members can wear just about any beautiful evening shawl – so wear a color of your choice that also in turn adds to the general wedding theme and wedding colors bringing everything together with elegance. A net shiny dressy shawl is a good option for bridal and bridesmaids shawls as well as for wedding favors. There are many options the final decision is with the bride and the budget she has in mind.


Benefits of Wearing Soft Cotton Tunic Tops In Summer

Summer is the hottest season and we women love the heat but also like being comfortable and cool that’s when we need cotton tunics to come to our rescue. Protecting ourselves from the harmful UV rays and keeping cool in the stifling heat is quite important for our comfort, health and wellbeing.

Indian tunics tops 060Cotton being a natural fiber is not rough or itchy. In fact quality cotton is super soft and sensitive skins love cotton tunic tops. Ultimate in feel! No allergic reactions.

Perspiration in summer in the sweltering heat is the body’s way of beating the heat and cooling down. It is noteworthy that cotton is a natural fabric so that allows ideal air circulation. This prevents any fungal breeding  and keep us comfortable and healthy.

Besides cotton naturally is light in color and allows the rays to pass through and not be absorbed keeping you naturally cooler. Cotton tunics are usually dyed in many colors and pastels are good for summer wear.

The other advantage of wearing  cotton tunics is that there is no body odor in spite of the heat but with synthetics that becomes a major issue as synthetics trap moisture.

Cotton tunics are preshrunk so they fit well after a wash. Quality cotton tunic tops are machine washable and many these days are wrinkle resistant. The ease of care is a bonus.

This summer have a cool chic look by purchasing many Indian cotton tunics online from sites in the USA. India cotton is soft, fine and good quality so you can get a lot of wear from the tunics also called Kurtis in India.  Advantage is you get these shipped from CT USA so quick delivery is ensured with good service. You can place the order online or call it in at 860-355-4184. The tunics are sized per the American size chart and designed to ensure a stylish look. They run slightly loose which is just the way a tunic should be. Indian designers know exactly where to place the embroidery and how to cut the tunic to ensure chic elegance.

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Women Love Long Sleeve Cotton Tunics for Summer Wear

A lot of women like to have their arms covered with long sleeve airy cotton tunics for spring and summer. Cotton is a lovely natural fiber that is cool and airy in its appeal on a warm day. Some women are so hooked to cotton tunic tops that they wear them year round. Understandably so as the comfort is tremendous and the casual flowy chic style of a cotton tunic top is appealing to women worldwide. Most importantly the cut of the Indian cotton tunic kurti is loose and slimming – that has an instant appeal to any woman!

No matter the age whether a young teen or a woman in her thirties to a more mature woman over 50 cotton tunics and tops are in high demand as there are so many factors that make them so popular. The Indian cotton tunics are superior due to quality of fine machine washable cotton. Most of the Indian cotton tunics popularly called Kurtis in India are made from best quality fine cotton that is preshrunk so you can buy a tunic top in your size that will fit after innumerable machine washes.

The long sleeves cotton tunics covers the arms and for some women that is important for comfort and style. The beautiful artistic hand embroidery is intriguing in its design and elegance. The embroidered flowery designs and unique paisleys are an Indian signature motif and so beautiful and classic in their universal appeal.

Best Selling Cotton Tunic Tops at Yours Elegantly

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Available in many colors these cotton tunic kurtis are best sellers and customers have raving reviews for them. Versatile to be used as beach tunics too.


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These designer cotton tunics are good for day and evening wear as they are classy and elegant. Affordable at $29.99 these tunic tops for women are stylish and comfortable in many colors.


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These cool casual summer tunics have an immense comfort factor and are great for a hot summer day on vacation and look great over shorts, jeans and skirts.


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Best Selling Silver and Gold Evening Shawls at Yours Elegantly

Evening Shawls that are embellished, shiny and dressy are en vogue these days. Women love to make a fashion statement with a glittering silver evening wrap at a special event – silver shawls and wraps are the biggest necessity for evening wear as they match almost any outfit and look beautiful over an elegant dress or gown. Buy beautiful evening shawls on sale at Yours Elegantly so that you can enrich your evening dress and stand out in the crowd.

Evening shawls are seasonal so the light sheer silk chiffons are great for spring shawls and summer scarves. The warmer cashmere pashmina shawls are ideal for fall and winter wraps. Buy an evening shawl that matches the dress – a shade lighter or darker is fine. Try a shawl color that just compliments the outfit even if it is a contrasting color to the dress or matches the silver gold of the accessories like the evening bag, jewelry and shoes. Wear a dressy shawl slightly off shoulder or hanging low around the elbows for an elegant stylish look. Carry one in your car so an after office get together gets that elegant transition. A silver and gold evening shawl wrap is a necessity for any woman and here are some best sellers.

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The Pashmina Shawl Journey Stands Out From Other Shawls

Shawls have been an important part of a woman’s attire and most women have many beautiful shawls for evening wear in their closets. Women love Pashmina scarves and scarves in fall winter over their jackets and wear the Pashmina as a beautiful spring wrap shawl when the weather is cool. Shawls come in woven beauty, knit, crochet, lace and more varieties.

Women who love shawls know the journey of the Pashmina from 1770 the time of its origin. A single stem flower was responsible for this creative paisley pashmina design creation. This flower was noticed  in the moghul courts and this design started simple then became more evolved into a complicated paisley designing wonder that is constantly still evolving and progressing.

Initially the under fur of the Himalayan mountain goat Kashmir shawls – Pashmina were hand woven for royalty in colorful paisley and flowery designs and were very pricey hence reserved for the wealthy royalty in those days.  In 1785 the paisley design spread and with the paisley jacquard looks in Paisley, Scotland the shawls were mass produced and today the machine made paisleys are found in abundance and the pricing of them has reduced to a very affordable $25.00 to $ 75.00 on average depending on the intricacy of work design colors and quality of yarn.

Fashion designers worldwide have taken note of the paisley pashminas and runway models and celebrities love them. They set style trends and today women all over the world are passionately shopping for Pashmina shawls. So the journey of the Pashmina among other shawls has evolved a lot and it is still the fashion statement for women.

Women wear scarves wraps in all seasons and warm pure Pashmina wool shawls in fall, winter and spring for protection and elegance. Pashminas have made their mark and women from all walks of life want to buy affordable shawls mainly Pashminas which has led to them being over commercialized to the point they have become a brand name rather than a focus of the yarn. Some manufacturers make the real “pashm” wool pashmina shawls, other make 70% Pashmina 30% Silk blend Pashminas and still others make artificial Pashmina. This was done to satisfy the entire market needs. Not everyone can afford a pure Pashmina wool shawl hence the silk pashminas got popular due to their affordable price, fine sheen and drape for evening wear and are very popular in spring and summer.

Bridal wedding & bridesmaids Pashmina are so much in demand event planners love stocking up on them for Pashmina wedding favors / wholesale pashmina  that can be draped on chairs or hung as decorative accents. Yours Elegantly.com has a wide variety of Pashminas on sale and many more shawl varieties like chiffon silk, lace netted shawls, velvel burnt silk wraps and artsy handcrafted and embroidered shawls and wraps.

Wrap Shawls and Scarves Around Your Neck and Chest For Added Protection

Women wrap shawls and scarves in spring, fall and winter for protection from the wind and cold. Women are caring and nurturing, many are mothers they know the importance of protecting your head, neck and chest area to stop excessive exposure to the elements. Men love being comfortable and do realize a warm cashmere scarf adds a smart look to their winter attire.

It is true that if you are warm and well covered you not only feel more comfortable hence are more high spirited and active but that the soft protection of a wool shawl wrap will reduce your visits to the doctor.

So stay healthy and warm in the cool and cold seasons and save money avoiding wasteful visits to the doctor when they can be avoided with a stylish cashmere shawl wrap scarf. It is prudent in cold weather to dress in layers and your top most outer layer is important as it shows. Women and men love fashionable scarves and wraps. Wear them in different styles. When you are very cold wrap them around the neck area well for added warmth and leave it long and protective over the chest area that way you look great and are always cozy and stylish.

Here are some suggested ways on how to wear a scarf wrap for protection

Try them make up a style that is all you! Remember all of us have our own individual sense of style we can look for suggestions and then incorporate a very unique style all of our own depending on the outfit and occasion but most of all keeping in mind the degree of warmth and protection you need.