Best Selling Silver and Gold Evening Shawls at Yours Elegantly

Evening Shawls that are embellished, shiny and dressy are en vogue these days. Women love to make a fashion statement with a glittering silver evening wrap at a special event – silver shawls and wraps are the biggest necessity for evening wear as they match almost any outfit and look beautiful over an elegant dress or gown. Buy beautiful evening shawls on sale at Yours Elegantly so that you can enrich your evening dress and stand out in the crowd.

Evening shawls are seasonal so the light sheer silk chiffons are great for spring shawls and summer scarves. The warmer cashmere pashmina shawls are ideal for fall and winter wraps. Buy an evening shawl that matches the dress – a shade lighter or darker is fine. Try a shawl color that just compliments the outfit even if it is a contrasting color to the dress or matches the silver gold of the accessories like the evening bag, jewelry and shoes. Wear a dressy shawl slightly off shoulder or hanging low around the elbows for an elegant stylish look. Carry one in your car so an after office get together gets that elegant transition. A silver and gold evening shawl wrap is a necessity for any woman and here are some best sellers.

Best Selling Silver Evening Shawls Online at Yours Elegantly :

Stunning Silver Evening Wrap $36.00 Product #2942


Divine Silver Pashmina – Top Of The Line Series $32.00 Product #1957


Glittering Silver Evening Ladies Shawl $24.99 Product #2822


Silver Shawl With Sparkles Divine $49.99 Product #:2972


Pretty Silver Chiffon Silk Scarf Shawl Wrap $29.99 Product #3045


Best Selling Gold Evening Shawls Online at Yours Elegantly :

Gold Netted Shawl Evening Joy $24.99 Product #2816


Gold Evening Shawl Desire $36.00 Product #6214


Vibrant Gold Beige Pashmina $32.00 Product#2133


Gold Paisley Pashmina Wrap $24.99 Product #4567


Paisley Gold Embellished Evening Wrap $$29.99 Product #3028



Author: Yours Elegantly

we carry a variety of chiffon silks poly scarves, netted shawls, embellished evening shawls wraps for any special occasion or event. Shop wedding bridal & bridesmaids Shawls, Crystal Jewelry necklace sets, dichroic glass jewelry, designer evening tunics tops Cotton tunics also called kurta kurtis in India, fashionable handbags & evening clutch purses in silver gold with crystal accents.

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