The Pashmina Shawl Journey Stands Out From Other Shawls

Shawls have been an important part of a woman’s attire and most women have many beautiful shawls for evening wear in their closets. Women love Pashmina scarves and scarves in fall winter over their jackets and wear the Pashmina as a beautiful spring wrap shawl when the weather is cool. Shawls come in woven beauty, knit, crochet, lace and more varieties.

Women who love shawls know the journey of the Pashmina from 1770 the time of its origin. A single stem flower was responsible for this creative paisley pashmina design creation. This flower was noticed  in the moghul courts and this design started simple then became more evolved into a complicated paisley designing wonder that is constantly still evolving and progressing.

Initially the under fur of the Himalayan mountain goat Kashmir shawls – Pashmina were hand woven for royalty in colorful paisley and flowery designs and were very pricey hence reserved for the wealthy royalty in those days.  In 1785 the paisley design spread and with the paisley jacquard looks in Paisley, Scotland the shawls were mass produced and today the machine made paisleys are found in abundance and the pricing of them has reduced to a very affordable $25.00 to $ 75.00 on average depending on the intricacy of work design colors and quality of yarn.

Fashion designers worldwide have taken note of the paisley pashminas and runway models and celebrities love them. They set style trends and today women all over the world are passionately shopping for Pashmina shawls. So the journey of the Pashmina among other shawls has evolved a lot and it is still the fashion statement for women.

Women wear scarves wraps in all seasons and warm pure Pashmina wool shawls in fall, winter and spring for protection and elegance. Pashminas have made their mark and women from all walks of life want to buy affordable shawls mainly Pashminas which has led to them being over commercialized to the point they have become a brand name rather than a focus of the yarn. Some manufacturers make the real “pashm” wool pashmina shawls, other make 70% Pashmina 30% Silk blend Pashminas and still others make artificial Pashmina. This was done to satisfy the entire market needs. Not everyone can afford a pure Pashmina wool shawl hence the silk pashminas got popular due to their affordable price, fine sheen and drape for evening wear and are very popular in spring and summer.

Bridal wedding & bridesmaids Pashmina are so much in demand event planners love stocking up on them for Pashmina wedding favors / wholesale pashmina  that can be draped on chairs or hung as decorative accents. Yours has a wide variety of Pashminas on sale and many more shawl varieties like chiffon silk, lace netted shawls, velvel burnt silk wraps and artsy handcrafted and embroidered shawls and wraps.


Author: Yours Elegantly

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