There Are Many Places And Ways To Wear Indian Tunics Cotton Kurtis

An Indian Tunic popularly called Kurti means a loose top with or without sleeves that can be short, hip covering or even long worn with a touch of embroidery for casual wear and beading for an evening tunic is usually worn with leggings.

The Kurti originated in India and has become a worldwide name in Women’s fashion as “the Tunic” to have! Why is that? Fashion designers, Bollywood movies keep emphasizing the Indian tunic kurti as the most stylish comfortable attire a woman can wear for a flattering look. If you have tried one for casual or evening wear you will agree they are beautiful for their loose cut & designer style.

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The Indian tunics for women have taken over fashion as women are always on the move and the comfort and style quotient of the Indian kurti for women is high which is why women love it. Nowadays fashion is not about looking good at the cost of being uncomfortable. Women’s Fashion has become more demanding. It is about looking good and being comfortable. Hence the Indian Tunic which reigns supreme on both these factors has literally taken over women’s fashion in the last 2 decades and seems to be a continuing trend.

There are many places and ways you can wear the Indian Tunics / Cotton Kurtis:

At home, at the office with trousers or leggings, for a casual street look, as a beach tunic & of course as a beautiful evening tunic top. Most of all whilst traveling the tunics are top on the list of must have travel attire due to the high comfort level they give. The cut of an Indian kurti is loose, flowy, long and assures ultimate comfort and flexibility. Great for a woman on the go!

Buy affordable cotton tunics and expand your wardrobe for an attire you will wear a lot and get compliments on. Tunics can be worn with shorts, jeans, trousers, skirts and over your bikini. Wear a tunic in many ways depending on the look you want and the occasion it is for. Wear some bling, high heels, shiny leggings and the tunic will look dressy and great for an evening party. Pair it with a pashmina scarf wrap and keep the chill away in the evenings.

Cotton tunics are so trendy in spring and as summer tunics of choice. Cotton tunics from India sold online in the USA are the best as the quality cotton is soft, airy, and available in many colors and shades for all the seasons. Competition with online tunic sites keeps quality and service at online sites high. Today cotton is the fabric of choice for all seasons. Cotton catches the dye very well so you can have amazing vibrant seasonal colored tunic tops and enhance your wardrobe.

Evening tunics are so popular especially with women seeking a sleeker look. The Indian tunics are designed to cover trouble areas and enhance the areas you wish to show off. The cut, designing, artsy handwork all work towards getting a woman to look beautiful, feel confident and stylish. Designers put a lot of thought into styling the tunic, the fabric, coloring, pattern, the placement of embroidery and most of all the length and flow to give an alluring appeal to woman of all sizes XS to 4X. Try a tunic today and prepare to be amazed.


Author: Yours Elegantly

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