Silver Evening Wrap Shawl A Beautiful Match With An Evening Dress

Tis true that a silver evening shawl is a good match with almost any evening dress. It is also true that your wardrobe is incomplete without silver shawls and wraps for any season.

 Whether you are a teen needing a prom shawl or an older woman looking for warm cashmere wraps a silver shawl wrap is your one must have addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

 silver evening shawl for evening dresses

Advantages of having a beautiful silver evening wrap:

  • 90% of your wardrobe tends to match with the silver shawl – inherent advantage of silver wrap shawl is that these days most accessories like shoes, evening bag, & jewelry have silver tones in it so no matter the dress color a silver wrap will match the accessories and be a focal point in the evening outfit.

  • Silver evening wraps suit women of all skin tones and hair types. It has a sheen and beauty that looks great for evening wear. Also a solid silver silk pashmina without sheen as well as a silver  paisley designer pashmina looks casual chic for casual day wear and to the office. The silver tone can be subdued or shiny depending on the occasion you are wearing it for. Women consider a silver pashmina a necessity not a luxury.

  • In spring silver chiffon silk, a glittering silver evening wrap adds immense appeal to your dress no matter the color. In fall and winter a silver grey cashmere pashmina wool shawl is warm and classy. Silver is a year round color it has eternal beauty and appeal. It is never out of style.

So stock up on silver shawls and wraps for yourself and gift one as it has universal appeal to all women. Men don’t go crazy trying to find the perfect color try a silver shawl gift for that lovely lady and watch her be so appreciative for a lovely gift.

Silver bridal shawls are popular as are silver silk pashmina shawls for bridesmaids the reason being it is always a good match, eye catching beautiful and likely to be used a lot after the event too. A win win situation!


Author: Yours Elegantly

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