Cashmere Wraps – Latest Additions to Winter Fashion Accessories for Women

Cashmere wrap products are one of the most desirable winter accessories among women all over the world. They are extremely stylish and are available in various styles and colors. These trendy items are preferred for their cozy warmth, soft feel against the skin and lightweight which makes them very comfortable on the body. Cashmere wraps are easily available in various online websites. They are the latest additions in designer styles and seasonal trendy colors in the winter fashion accessories of women across the globe.

Cashmere is a special type of wool, which is derived from Cashmere goats, and other similar breeds of goats at high altitudes. The word Cashmere has its name from Kashmir that was earlier known as Cashmere and since the wool is derived from the goats found in this region, it came to be known as Cashmere wool. This wool is vastly different from the traditional sheep wool as this wool is actually a hair. Thus, this kind of wool is very soft to touch, possess high strength, very light in weight and has very fine texture.

Experts have categorized products under Cashmere wraps which must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The wool must be derived from the Cashmere goat and must be very fine.

  • The fiber of the wool must be of excellent quality and should not have a diameter of more than 19 microns

  • The percentage of the fiber with diameter of more than 30 microns should not be more than 4% of all the fibers

  • The fiber should be fairly uniform and the variation in diameter around the mean should not be more than 24%

Cashmere wool is obtained from the region around the neck of the Cashmere goat and other similar Himalayan mountain goats. The hairs obtained are mixture of thick straight protective hairs and soft fine under hairs. The fine hairs are separated from the coarse one and are then used for producing excellent quality products. There are grades of cashmere wool the workmanship and decorative embroidered handiwork involved is a factor so the pricing differs too. China has taken the lead in producing Cashmere wraps and has become the top producer with a production of around 10,000 metric tons every year. Afghanistan, Mongolia, Turkey are some of the other major contributors of cashmere wool in the world. Traditionally, cashmere wool belongs to the Nepal, Kashmir and Mongolia.


Author: Yours Elegantly

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