Women want shawls that add style to their seasonal wardrobes and this is question that lurks in their minds – does a Pashmina Shawl add style to my wardrobe? Many women have concluded that a Pashmina solid / paisley makes a high style statement for casual and evening wear as sales of these fine shawls has increased tenfold in the last few decades. They gift Pashminas as this shawl adds glamor and class to the gift. The pashmina brand name is a widely recognized brand and women all want a couple Pashminas to enhance their wardrobe.


No matter the season Pashmina shawls in seasonal colors are so beautiful to wear as a scarf or an elegant evening wrap over your formal dresses.Solid shawls add a touch of class and soft protection. You can match a shawl to the outfit in same color tone – fashion designers recommend going a tone darker or lighter for an added stylish beauty. 2 tone pashmina shawls called ombre or gradient shawls are a classy way to match a hard to match dress color. Contrasting colors often look beautiful for those who want a distinctive look. Oftentimes wearing a shawl to match the accessories like the shoes/jewelry looks beautiful and pulls the ensemble together well. If you have a dressy elaborate dress a solid shawl is the best way to go.

For added warmth choose a pashmina wool shawl in a solid seasonal color that matches your dress and enhances your wardrobe. Popular colors for the cold seasons are silver grey black dark brown navy burgundy red dark purple royal blue and beige camel. Once you have these colors your wardrobe is set for the cold fall winter and spring season.

For a sheen and evening dressy appeal choose a silk pashmina shawl for late spring and summer in pastels of blue, pink, lavender lilac, yellow, coral, aqua, ivory, white & cream to look beautiful in that light silken elegance.


Paisley shawls have that designer appeal as they come from India Land of Paisley Shawls. The paisley originated in India and the designs can be unitone, two tone like a navy & blue tone paisley design which is great to wear over that hard to match navy dress. Buy a colorful paisley warm winter wool shawl which is reversible in its woven splendor for a unique designer look over a simple evening dress or a smart coat/jacket for the fall winter and spring seasons. The paisley wool shawls from India come in different types of wool and the colors are dark and vibrant usually reversing in a different color. Advantage is it feels like you have 2 distinct shawls as they reverse so differently.

The lighter silk pashmina paisley shawls are beautiful to give a stylish appeal for daily wear, travel, office wear and to parties / special occasions like weddings. These light pashmina & silk shawls are silken with a slight sheen and make the best gifts for women who love shawls and scarves. These are worn year round as affordable evening wraps and also as chic casual paisley scarves over your coat/jacket as the fine feel around the neck and soft protection is very alluring to women. If you have a simple dress wear a paisley shawl to uplift it. Two tone paisleys in a lighter and darker shade of the same color are very popular as are multi colored paisleys for women who really like to stand out in the crowd. The unitone paisley shawls are classy and must have for all wardrobe types and make great gifts for their universal appeal to women of all age groups.


Author: Yours Elegantly

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